The God Delusion

The God DelusionI have mentioned Professor Richard Dawkins previously in a post that followed my viewing of his Channel 4 documentary series about religion, The Root of All Evil?. In that series Professor Dawkins challenged what he described as 'a process of non-thinking called faith', including the indoctrination of our children with religious superstitions, and their categorisation according to their parents' religious beliefs.

Dawkins has today published his first book exclusively on the subject of religion, The God Delusion. To quote from the blurb, Dawkins "eviscerates the major arguments for religion and demonstrates the supreme improbability of a supreme being. He shows how religion fuels war, foments bigotry, and abuses children".

Further details of the book can be found on The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science website, including a review by Joan Bakewell, here. The book can be purchased via Amazon, here.

I have just purchased the book and am very much looking forward to reading it. I may even do my own review at a later date.


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