Security Al-ert

Charon QCNothing to do with the subject of this blog, but I think even family lawyers like a good joke (they could certainly use one from time to time!). This one appeared on Charon QC a couple of days ago and is not the first time I've laughed at a joke published by Charon - another topical one, for example, appeared recently in this post.

I have an affinity for Charon QC. Not only is he a fellow pariah who dares to still smoke cigarettes in 2006 Britain, but he also likes a glass (or two) of wine. In his case it is Rioja, but in mine I am happy with a glass of cheap Hock. Which reminds me of a joke that I heard on Terry Wogan (yes, I do listen to him) last week, which goes something like this: a man goes into a restaurant and orders fish and a bottle of Hock. The waiter looks puzzled at the latter request. The man says "you know, Hock - as in 'hic, haec hoc'". "Very well", says the waiter, and leaves. Ten minutes later he returns with the fish, but no wine. "Where's my Hock?" asks the man, "don't you remember me ordering it?" "Yes, sir", says the waiter, "but then you declined it." [For classics scholars.]