Thursday, November 16, 2006

Abolish faith schools petition

10 Downing StreetI read only yesterday on the BBC News website that number 10 Downing Street has launched a scheme to petition the prime minister online. I didn't think I would be using it so soon.

I've commented here more than once about faith schools. If you, like me, would like them abolished then now you can do something about it by signing up to this petition, which reads: "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Abolish all faith schools and prohibit the teaching of creationism and other religious mythology in all UK schools".

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  1. Please read a letter i sent into my local newspaper:-

    I read with bemused interest the continued 'public outcry' that faith schools are being asked to pay for the transport to there chosen school.

    I already have one son attending a school out of my town, but i hasten to add this is not out of the borough of Hertsmere to whom i pay my council tax. My second child is due to join his brother in September. I have a 'Freedom of Choice' as a parent, which as the rest of this town know was taken away from us some 5+ years ago in order to conform with the rest of the county, in other words Hillside becoming a Jewish Faith School in the past year, and two middle schools being demolished and the land sold.

    I as a parent wasn't impressed with what Hertswood had to offer, and my reasons being to many for this letters page. I CHOSE to send my son to the next available school to me namely Bushey Meads, to which i have to pay £13.00 per week for transport. I am a full time working single mother, i do not receive maintenance from there Father, whom i was married to, so £52.00 per month for coach/bus fares is a large slice out of our family budget. Come September this will double when my youngest son joins Bushey Meads. I do not have the ability to pay in advance for this as we live on a daily basis, but lets not forget it's my CHOICE to do this.

    Faith, as i see it is something that is taught from birth, along with all the other parenting skills we teach our children to make them into good rounded adults, hopefully! Christian, Catholic, Jewish or any other religion is fundamentally something taught in the home and we go to the CHOSEN place of worship at the weekends. So to send your child to a faith school is your CHOICE, the same as it is my CHOICE to send my children to what i feel is a better school and they teach religion there, and that is every religion. I have to pay for that CHOICE and quite frankly religious schools are no different. I would be interested to hear as to how many of these families actually attend there chosen place of worship at the weekend, because religion isn't just Monday to Friday 9 - 3.15! How many of these families are actually the said religion they say they are in order to attend a faith school to avoid sending there child to the nearest secondary school or another school in the area? how many start attending church to gain entry into a faith school, and once there they forget to go to church on a Sunday, slight hyprocrisy to say the least, and YES that does and has happend!

    So, because our family don't attend a place of worship or should i say 'WE DON'T HAVE RELIGION', we still have to pay for transport! County is that correct? Lets see shall we, because if County decide NOT to do this across the board for every child that attends a school that requires transport they will have another fight on there hands for EQUAL RIGHTS and the instigator will be me, FARES FAIR!!!!!


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