Hear No Evil

GazetteStill on the subject of legal aid, I read today in the Law Society's Gazette that, according to Lord Justice Wall, there "is unanimity among the judiciary 'from the President of the Family Division downwards' that the implementation of the Carter review would have a devastating effect on the practice of family law". Apparently, he "feared the disappearance of many valuable firms and competent family practitioners, who would be priced out of the market and forced to abandon the work", which "would lead to an increase in the already large number of litigants in person, with a consequent increase in the time spent by the court on each case, and decrease in the number of settlements".

How much more clearly does the government want it spelt out? The article also quotes a Department for Constitutional Affairs spokesman admitting, with typical government complacency and under statement: "we recognise that the details of the proposed family schemes were not quite right". Nothing gets past them, does it? He says they will be consulting on revised proposals in the new year, but I can't see the government listening to anyone, no matter how distinguished, although I hope I am wrong.