More futile gloss?

BBC NewsFollowing on from yesterday's post, the BBC reports today that one of the new child support measures to be announced by the government this week is the 'naming and shaming' of absent parents who refuse to pay, by putting their details on a website. This is, of course, an idea that has been used before, particularly with convicted paedophiles. However, whilst I can imagine worried parents looking at the paedophiles website, I can't imagine many people going to the non-payers site, especially as it is likely to contain thousands of names. Is this really going to encourage determined non-payers to cough up?

It seems to me that this is yet another example of government 'gloss' - showing that they are doing something, when it will probably make little, if any, difference. As usual, all of the measures are driven by cost, rather than by how effective they will be.