Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thanks, Charon!

Oh no, I've just been tagged, by Charon QC. For anyone wondering what the heck this means, see this. I'm now obliged to disclose 5 things that you didn't know about me, so here goes:

1. I once got so drunk (on champagne) at a Lincoln's Inn garden party that I had to leave after only two hours. My wife later found me propping up a telephone kiosk at about 1am.

2. I graduated wearing (under my mortar board and gown) a pea green suit and cowboy boots. I thought I looked cool...

3. I have built websites for the last three firms I have worked for.

4. I occasionally write (bad) poetry, but don't ask me for a sample...

5. Family Lore is not the only blog I write.

I'm now supposed to tag five other people, so with apologies to all I tag: Tessa Shepperson (The Landlord Law Blog), Nearly Legal, Head of Legal, Ruthie of geeklawyer and Bystander (The Magistrate's Blog - hope he/she reads this). Sorry if anyone has already been tagged.


  1. You were already tagged by Charon!

  2. I tagged Ruthie. She told to f**k off, so she won't do it for you or she'd better bloody well not :)

    Then again, if you are rich ...

  3. Thanks, John. I don't think I'm mad keen on memes - I'm now to all this blogging stuff and I'm worried it will send me off-topic. So forgive me for having made a temporary response only! And for not tagging on...


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