Sunday, January 07, 2007

UK Legal Blogging Conference

Geeklawyer is also proposing a UK Legal Blogging Conference in 2007. The idea seems to be generating some interest - see this post and this post. Count me in - at least as my identity is known I will not have to attend with a paper bag over my head to protect my anonymity - Ruthie has cruelly suggested that geeklawyer wear a plastic bag.

Geeklawyer mentions the possibility of the conference getting CPD accreditation with the Bar Council and Law Society. On the subject of CPD, I contacted The Law Society last October to enquire whether the time I have spent on this blog can count towards my CPD requirement. They replied: "The blog you have worked on could count towards the above requirement as long as you ensure that you are gaining work related skills and that you keep details in your training record which may be requested for monitoring". Hopefully, other blawgers may find this useful.

[Edit: I've just noticed this is my 200th post on this blog. Maybe I should get out more often...]


  1. Hi, thanks for plugging the legal blogging conference, and nice to see that there is at least one other blogger prepared to reveal their identity.

    So, I may have suggested putting a plastic bag over Geeklawyers head, I've yet to decide whether or not to tie it tight around his neck :-)

  2. Also thanks for the information about CPD. Not sure whether the Law Society would regard the contents of my blog as gaining work related skills though :-(


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