Scrap Carter

10 Downing StreetStaffordshire solicitor Cathie Halliday has created the following e-petition: "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Scrap Lord Carters Legal Aid Reforms". She explains:

If the reforms are brought into action. It is widely predicted that many legal aid law firms will stop doing legal aid work. This will leave the most vulnerable in society at very real risk, including women and children subject to abuse. In some areas there will be no access for justice. In many areas it will be greatly reduced. It is important that this does not happen. Today, I helped a woman and her four children escape a violent husband. Don't make me and many others give up this valuable work!

Despite having no vested interest (I no longer do legal aid work), I have signed the petition, and I recommend to all readers of this blog that they do likewise. This is not about "fat cat" lawyers trying to protect their interests, it is about protecting the legal rights of, as Cathie says, the most vulnerable in society.