Trials and cynicism

Time to recommend a couple of new (or fairly new) blawgs, both coming from the other side of the profession, and both already recommended elsewhere.

Firstly, the excellent and highly interesting (not to mention entertaining) BabyBarista, by a pupil barrister who "was educated at Oxford University and is a member of the Inner Temple and is in a mixed common law and criminal set of Chambers in London". BabyBarista describes the blog as "a fictional account of a pupil barrister undergoing the trials of pupillage at the English Bar", and insists that it is not based on fact, but I have my doubts. He also has the excellent taste to use the same blog template that I previously used here.

My second recommendation is Legal Beagle, which only began last month, but which hopefully will go from strength to strength. It is described as "a barrister's cynical take on that hotbed of scandal and controversy, the criminal justice system", and is by a barrister who says she has "been trawling around the criminal courts for a few years now so thought [she] was just about qualified to wade into the debate and attempt to give a true picture of life at the Bar" (well, life at the criminal bar anyway).