Don't shoot the messenger

Since starting this blog I've noticed the extreme antipathy that many people involved in children disputes have for the legal profession, particularly fathers seeking contact/residence orders. The vitriol with which they express this antipathy can often border upon abuse.

Now I can understand why such people have strong feelings, and that some of them may have had bad experiences with their legal advisors. However, to blame the legal profession for the shortcomings of an imperfect system is rather like blaming the messenger for the message. Contrary to popular belief we are not responsible for the system, and we can often find it almost as frustrating as our clients - after all, none of us want unhappy clients.

Unfortunately, I fear this plea will fall on deaf ears. In fact, I can already see disgruntled fathers reaching for their keyboards...


  1. As judges in the higher courts can change family law without recourse to parliament and the people, and have done so in recent years much to the detriment of fathers, it is not correct to say that lawyers are merely the messengers.

  2. Judges can only work within the legislative framework provided by Parliament. However, even if they are considered partly responsible for the shortcomings of the system, they only make up a very small proportion of the profession. The vast majority of lawyers are merely advisors who have to work within that system, yet we are still blamed for it's perceived failures.

  3. Your plea not to assumes - quite incorrectly, of which I am sure you very aware but do not state - that all in the legal profession whether barristers, solicitors or judges etc are all honourable and honest people. Regretably it is the experience of too many fathers that too many of these people are unscrupulous and biased who lie and cheat and make matters worse to the detriment of the best interests of children. Until these people are are exposed - and all worthy people in your profession have a duty to do so but fail to through lack of moral character - then your winge or plea will quite rightly go unheeded.

  4. Thank you for your apposite comment. Unfortunately, you're right that not all lawyers are 'honourable and honest', but when the profession is aware of such people it will discipline or even expel them. As for bias, lawyers should obviously do the best for their clients, but why should they be biased against any particular group?

  5. I wish the Law Society and Legal Ombudsman had done so with my solicitor....he has cost me dearly Mr Bolch.

    Fighting the establishment!!


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