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Up until now I've resisted the temptation to play the 'see what search terms found my blog' game, but I think some of the terms that have recently shown up on my log deserve comment.

How about the lovely sentiment of: 'family thoughts', or the only slightly less vague: 'family law stuff'? Or what about the cryptic: 'are pren', or the worrying: 'toon obscenity'? Then there's the distressing: 'separation and divorce 17 month old anxiety'. And how did 'why doesn't text align with numbered pleading paper' find this blog?

My favourite though is the interesting but almost defamatory: 'did terry wogan deny payment for the children in need programme'. Unfortunately for him/her, the searcher will not have found the answer on this blog. If you know the answer... please don't tell me.


  1. John... It is quite amusing... I can't publish some of the terms... but hey... a visitor is a visitor!

  2. This is kind of meta, but I found your blog by searching for "what search terms found my blog"...

  3. Excellent. One day all search terms will lead here...


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