Life's short. Get a divorce.

Fetman, Garland & Associates' advertAs I've indicated before, we UK family lawyers certainly have a lot to learn about advertising from our American counterparts. However, with its caption "Life's short. Get a divorce.", Fetman, Garland & Associates' advert (above) has upset even some (usually more robust) American sensibilities. As one woman puts it, according to a Fox News report,: "It's offensive because the message is sex, and if you don't have what you want, you dump it". Quite.


  1. Congratulations to Corri Fetman! She has succeeded in reducing the practice of law from an honorable profession to the level of a minimum wage drive-thru burger joint. Her next stop will most likely be the Maury Povich TV show. There is no wonder why Americans have such low opinions of lawyers. A recent poll shows that only 24% of Americans trust lawyers.

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  3. To the last commenter: Sorry, I very rarely remove comments, but anything with unproven allegations against a specific individual is not acceptable.


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