Thursday, June 21, 2007

The public will love it...

C-MessI've not seen the logo for the new Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission (C-MEC) yet, so I thought I'd save the taxpayer £400,000 and design it myself. Can't think where I got the idea from...

I'm sure the public's response to the logo will be similar to its response to C-MEC.


  1. that is so children told me to say that lol lol can we have the £400k please??

  2. House? I don't know whether to be pleased or offended! ;-)

    I'm sure John Hutton will send you the £400k that I've just saved him.

  3. Graffiti art mad child who has a huge murial on his bedroom wall created by 'an artist'.

    I hasten to add that i encourage my eldest to put his work on paper not a wall.

    Just in the throws of arguing with there school this morning...they are threatening to put my youngest child into isolation detention until the end of term should i not buy new school shoes. Between a 15 and 12 year old i have brought 8 pairs of shoes averaging £23 each time...he has black trainers on which her brought with his own money...i am being bullied by the school....great isn't it!!! Bearing in mind that they break up in a few weeks...i think a call to the news paper is in order again like i did last year!

  4. Great stuff, John.

    Being so en-gross-ed with Bill 118, it hadn't even crossed my mind they would be spending loads of dosh on a new logo with the help of tax payers money.Stupid me!

    Reminds me of that programme I saw the other night...don't watch much telly...something to do with a local council changing their logo at great expense...and the TV crew got some college students to knock up a few logos for nothing. One of the students logo was preferred by Joe Public to the official one.

    Pity, because it would have paid for that student's loan and probably provided a deposit for a house...


    I will email you's the weekend and I'm on the red...special offer, you see.

    Am I reading this right?

    "they are threatening to put my youngest child into isolation detention until the end of term should i not buy new school shoes."

    Can you not pass the eldest one shoes down? Yes, yes I know it's not good to wear other people's shoes, but...

    And is it that black trainers are barred? I had that trouble recently.

    Got them from Next and they were described as shoes, but looked like trainers. I told the school that...and he kept on wearing them, but now he's wearing M&S...£18....real leather too. Better quality than Clark's too, I reckon.

    This is becoming girlie talk, so I will email you.

    Sorry John...won't happen again.

  5. No problem - these are the realities of looking after children on a limited income.

  6. sadly i would pass the shoes down, but my eldest is 15 and a size 12 (Big boys 12) and he wears his shoes out quicker than the youngest who is a size 5. My 15 year old brought skate board foot wear with his birthday money not even month ago and he looks like he has had them for 2years gaping great holes in the toes!!!

  7. does anybody outthere know how the tribunal system stands when like me the parent with care took my self employed ex to a tribunal after the csa chasing him for 4 years where he agreed to pay me an amount and it has to be back dated for the 4 years. He agreed he owed me thous ands for our daughter, but i agreed on a lesser amount in court as long he agreed to pay, which he did, and the tribunal judge informed my ex that he had got off lightly. Sorry going on a bit there, does anybody know what happens if when the csa ask him for all the arrears, and he refuses to pay how i stand, and is the trbunal case default as i only accepted the lesser amount of money in return for him to pay for our daughter.



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