Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The real damage

Don't do it!Hot on the heels of John Charman's solicitor's advice to wealthy clients wishing to protect their assets not to get married, I bring you an American website dedicated to discouraging all divorced men from getting married again. With the catchy slogan: "Because no matter how good she may look now ... the screwing you get ain't worth the screwing you get", sells a neck chain with a silver-plated 9mm cartridge on it, explaining:
You have found your way to the site that will help you help yourself. A site that assists in keeping you from committing another cruelty upon yourself. Consider the experiences to date that have brought you to this point. Your quest: to be correct, satisfy a woman's demands, societal pressures, and keeping her in house and home, have now driven you from yours. The opportunity before you is to purchase a talisman that serves as both a deterrent and a solution to your momentary lapse in judgment.

All of this advice may become somewhat academic over here when (and if) cohabitees are given property rights (the government's proposals are to be published next month). Indeed, The Times suggests in this comment article that such rights may in fact encourage people to get married. The main argument of the article is actually that any new law should put the interests of the children first. I particularly liked this:
Too often divorce today is about property, lifestyle and spending money. Recent huge settlements have focused on the trivial and the dishonourable – who gets what, how lavish was the lifestyle, how greedy are the claimants. Such cases overlook the real damage of divorce: the hurt of the children, their loss of opportunity and the breakdown in parental relationships.

Food for thought.


  1. Excellent stuff John.... Maybe the trick is to have a lover who has a house and likes his / her own space and has no desire to live 'together' ?

    Can be quite romantic!
    Not long now to 1st July. I have decided to lie to all my smoking friends and say I am giving up - they seem to get a bit panicky about that!

    Trust well....

  2. Not living together could be the only answer for those more concerned with things material, although this will depend upon the definition of 'cohabitee', or whatever other term is used.

    Thanks for reminding me about the 1st July...


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