Cox freed; purple paint sales plummet

According to a Fathers 4 Justice press release, 'Guantanamo Dad' Michael Cox was freed last night, after a successful appeal. Interestingly, he was represented at the appeal by solicitor advocate David Burrows, who I have mentioned here before.

Since he was jailed, Fathers 4 Justice has been running a campaign for Mr Cox's release, including a protest outside the prison, a 'Don't pay the CSA' campaign (including the suggestion that all correspondence with the Agency be in yellow ink, so that they can't photocopy it) and an action plan, which included this somewhat cryptic instruction:
4) Apparently purple prison doors, CAFCASS doors, solicitors doors and post boxes are all the vogue this summer.

I'm not sure what post boxes have done wrong, but there you go.


  1. There is more to this case than meets the eye!

    From what I now know, I entirely empathise with Mr Cox, but ( having actually attended a march in the early days of F4J, where they did a top notch job of cleaning the walls of the Court )want nothing further to do with F4J.

    I also still cannot understand why the CSA chose to jail Mr Cox out of thousands of NRPs more deservingly of being jailed.

    Thought he would be let out early.

    As for the comment in the other link describing Mr Burrows as a " tireless champion of the less well off " I beg to differ. But I cannot comment further.

    I await, with a bit of interest, further developments on this case.

  2. Well, your comment about David Burrows is interesting. Go on, tell me more... ;-)


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