Daily Mail Law

Bystander recently made an excellent point about lawmaking in this country in this post. He said:
I have complained time and again over the Government's habit of passing new (and usually useless) laws every time that something alarms the tabloids. Now we have a serious, albeit bungled, attempt to blow up a lot of people and what do we read? The first man to be charged has been charged under the 1883 Explosive Substances Act. I rest my case.

The other side of the coin is good law that is not passed because of the tabloids. In an article in today's Guardian Unlimited Karen McKay, chief executive of Resolution, referring to the opposition to the introduction of a no-fault divorce system, is quoted as saying:
It's a bit like abortion; you can't have divorce on demand. You have to cite certain specified grounds. And that can be highly inflammatory. The Daily Mail seems to have this idea that otherwise, people will go around saying 'Oh, it's Tuesday, I'll go to Sainsbury's and then I'll have an abortion, and now oh look, it's Wednesday, I think I'll divorce my husband.' But it isn't like that.

It seems that we will all be stuck with bad or outdated law, until such time as either people stop reading the bigoted scaremongering rubbish contained in the 'popular press', or we have a government prepared to do what is best, rather than what gets it the most votes.