Day 190, week 28: fifty quid

Received a telephone call today from a new client. Let's call her Mrs Ordinary. She was put through by our receptionist - we'll call her Miss Normal - who's not been having an affair with anyone. She didn't mistakenly pass the call to the senior partner - we'll call him Mr CompletelyConventional - who has not had an affair with Mrs Ordinary, so it wouldn't have been hilariously embarrassing if the call had been passed to him anyway.

Well, it turns out that Mrs Ordinary wants a change of name deed.

"No problem", I say.

"How much will it be?" She asks.

"Fifty pounds plus VAT", I say.

"That's O.K", she says.

"Good", I say, eager to clinch the deal. "Give me the details".

She tells me she wants to change her name from Mrs Ordinary to Mrs Mundane. I quickly write the details down and tell her the deed should be ready to sign tomorrow.

"Thank you very much", she says, and hangs up.

I put the phone down and go outside for a cigarette, and to reflect upon the excitement of working in a solicitor's office.