Holiday Hiatus 2007

It'll be tough...I'm on holiday for the next week, so things may get a little quiet around here. I'm off to Spain, a civilised country where you're still allowed to smoke and the Rioja is cheap (eat your heart out Charon!). What's more, the sun actually shines. I may struggle from my sunbed to write the odd post, we'll see...


  1. John...

    I shall think of you drinking Rioja.... Has Spain banned smoking?

    Have a good break

  2. I meant... banned smoking inside?

  3. Not in my sister's villa! As for anywhere else, to be perfectly honest I'm not sure... will find out. Even if not, it's only a matter of time. :-(

  4. I'm really hoping Greece doesn't get round to it in the next few weeks...

    Have a good break.

  5. Thanks, Nearly Legal. Now that I'm here I'm told that the Spanish government did introduce anti-smoking legislation in 2005, but they treated their people in a rather more adult fashion than the UK government by giving proprietors of bars, restaurants, hotels etc the choice to opt out, in which case they need to apply for a licence. This seems a much more mature solution.


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