Friday, July 27, 2007

Smug post

Just a quick footnote to my rant about the misuse of the term 'registry office' from a few months back. Today I found out that the divorce petition in one of my matters (prepared by the other side I hasten to add) was rejected by the court, one of the reasons being that the term 'registry office' had been used when it should be 'register office'. So perhaps I wasn't just being pedantic after all...


  1. Good grief?! Take it to the CA

  2. Yes, I did wonder if it would still have been rejected if there was nothing else wrong with it...

  3. Victor Dewsbery28 July 2007 at 17:09

    Your judge would have to rule a sizeable proportion of the British registration services out of order, too. (See my comment on your "rant").

    What is the difference between a prescriptivist and Sisyphus?
    (Any suggestions?)

  4. The point about the judge requiring the petition to be amended is that that paragraph in the petition must match the wording in the marriage certificate, which obviously it did not.

    As for your question, I'll leave that to someone more learned than me to answer!


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