Despair and Hope

The HideoutFunny where a trail on the internet can lead. Here's a short one I followed this morning. First, I received the excellent weekly family law update from Family Law Week. This mentioned a rather worrying survey of the attitudes of young people towards domestic violence, carried out by The Body Shop as part of their Stop Violence in the Home Campaign. Funds from the campaign go to Women's Aid to help them develop The Hideout, a website which aims to support and inform children and young people about domestic violence.

The trail started with a note of despair and ended with a message of hope. The results of the survey depressingly suggest that many young people have a somewhat blasé attitude towards domestic violence which, without education, is likely to perpetuate this awful scourge. On the other hand, The Hideout provides a place where children and young people affected by it will find that domestic violence is not 'O.K.', and that they do not have to suffer it alone. It seems like an excellent resource to recommend to children, who can be as much victims of domestic violence as their parents.

The Hideout has a marketing poster available here, from which the above picture was taken.