Sunday Shorts

A scene from M*A*S*H goes something like this: Corporal Klinger asks Colonel Potter for some advice during a break in operating on patients. Potter tells him he hasn't much time, as he has to get back to the operating table. Klinger tells Potter that the advice he needs is about the workings of the female mind. "That's OK", says Potter, "I can tell you everything I know about that subject in less than a minute". This just about sums up my own knowledge on the subject of the female mind, so I'll make no comment on this story, which suggests that the menopause may be responsible for the breakdown of many long marriages where the children have grown up.

We all know that we divorce lawyers are not the most popular people. So it comes as something of a shock that we have come top of something. The Observer reports today that the two most written-about solicitors, as collated by publisher Sweet and Maxwell, are both divorce lawyers: Anthony Julius, who acts for Heather Mills and Fiona Shackleton, who acts for Sir Paul McCartney. OK, so not much of a surprise there after all.

On a more serious note, Daisy Goodwin in The Sunday Times today speculates that children of failed marriages, mindful of their childhood experiences, may fight harder to keep their own marriages together, for the sake of their children. She says: "Even though divorce is not the legal blame-fest that it was when my parents split up, no one – children, parents, grandparents – comes out of it unscathed. There is always a loss. That loss can reverberate well into adult life."