I do, Robot

Scottish scientist, businessman and chess International Master David Levy has been awarded a doctorate by Maastricht University for a thesis entitled "Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners". He wrote: "Trends in robotics and shifting attitudes on marriage are likely to result in sophisticated robots that will eventually be seen as suitable marriage partners".

Presumably, if you marry a robot then you will have to divorce it when the relationship ends, so even in this brave new world there will still be work for us divorce lawyers.


  1. Divorce? Nah, reboot! Or, if that's too extreme, recycle.

  2. John... On the Eve of Glory... I just had to pop over to see if you were getting into the mood....
    Robots? Excellent. Artificial relationships with Robots? Even better....

    And... the coup de grace... work for lawyers! Made my early evening.

    Meanwhile I am off to watch the Rugby.... I have, of course, written a speech for Geeklawyer...simply because I cannot attend his UK Blawgers bingefest on Monday.

    The game is afoot


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