Leave your ego at the courtroom door

Meanwhile, we all wait with baited breath for the outcome of the Financial Dispute Resolution Appointment ("FDR") today in the McCartney/Mills case. For those that don't know (which includes everyone who has only previously read about/heard the story in the sensationalist media), the objective of an FDR is for the parties to use their best endeavours to reach agreement, with the assistance of a District Judge. FDRs take place in most financial/property proceedings ancillary to divorce (unless, of course, a settlement has already been reached) and they have a very high success rate, preventing most cases from going to a final, contested, hearing.

I hope that an agreement can be reached, bringing the whole sorry McCartney/Mills divorce saga to a conclusion, although I note from this report, also in The Times today, that there are some who are concerned that the egos of the parties and their lawyers will get in the way.