Dear BBC,

I am writing to register my utter shock and disgust that Top Gear presenters
smoked pipes in the studio during the course of the show that was aired last Sunday evening. The sight of people doing what they want to do will send out entirely the wrong message to the citizens of this country, and the fact that no one in the audience objected is no excuse - what right have mature adults to decide what is best for them? If we were all allowed to behave in this appalling fashion then the next thing you know we would have freedom of choice.

Needless to say, I am now cancelling my life-long subscription to the Radio Times.

Yours etc.,

Action to Reduce Smoking and Enjoyment (A.R.S.E.)


  1. Excellent....

    I see that Mr D.O Gooder-Busybody gets about. he was on my blawg only this morning!

  2. Really? He is a complete pain in the a***...


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