Sources of Advice

As stated in my disclaimer, nothing in this blog should be construed as legal advice. The following are sources of advice on the internet, although my disclaimer still applies in so far as I have no control over these external sites and cannot therefore accept any responsibility for their contents.

General advice:
Citizens Advice Bureau Adviceguide - includes advice on a wide range of issues. See in particular their section on ending a marriage.
Compactlaw - commercial site that includes general advice regarding relationship breakdown.
Directgov - public service information.
CLS Direct Divorce and Separation advice leaflet.
Divorce Aid - free help, information and advice.
Armchair Advice - advice on all areas of separation and divorce.

Marriage Guidance:
Marriage Care - charity supporting marriage.

Resolution - organisation of family lawyers committed to resolving disputes in a non-confrontational way. Site includes fact sheets on various aspects of family law.
Family Law Accreditation Scheme members.

HM Courts Service - law and procedure on divorce.
sharingPensions - step-by-step divorce procedure guide.
Divorce-a survival toolkit - from Advicenow.
Divorce: An Introduction Podcast.

What the Family Courts expect from Parents (PDF) - Guidelines for parents involved in court proceedings.
CAFCASS - Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.
Families Need Fathers - fathers' rights group. Law and Policy section contains information on most aspects of children law.
Barrister Jacqui Gilliatt has written a series of posts on parental responsibility - go to her blog and select the label 'Parental responsibility' in the sidebar.
Passport Service
Guidance on disclosing information about Family Proceedings involving children which are heard in private.
Putting Your Children First - A Guide for Separating Parents - Stationery Office guide to help parents reach agreement about contact arrangements for their children following separation and divorce.
The Children's Legal Centre
- free legal information on a number of aspects of the law relating to children.
Divorce and Children - practical advice for separated parents on how to help children manage family change.
Reunite - charity specialising in international parental child abduction.
Children Law: An Introduction Podcast.
Parental Responsibility Podcast.
One Space - The parenting site for single parents.
OnlyMums - Talk, help and support for lone mothers.
OnlyDads - Talk, help and support for lone fathers.
One Parent Families|Gingerbread.

Finance/property on divorce ('Ancillary Relief'):
HM Courts Service - procedural guide
sharingPensions - advice on ancillary relief, with particular reference to pensions. Includes a step-by-step procedural guide.
Ancillary Relief: An Introduction Podcast.

Child support:
Child Support Agency (CSA) - includes information and a child maintenance calculator.
Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission (CMEC) - the organisation replacing the CSA.
Child Maintenance Options - run by CMEC. Includes a maintenance calculator, a private agreement form, leaflets and guides, and a benefits table.
Child Support: An Introduction Podcast.

Cohabitee disputes:
Advicenow - independent advice for people living together.

Civil Partnerships:
Adviceguide - advice on ending a civil partnership.

Domestic violence:
Women's Aid - help and advice for sufferers of domestic violence.
Refuge - provides a network of safe houses for women and children.
Rights of Women has two information sheets, one on domestic violence and one on domestic violence, housing and homelessness.
MALE (Men's Advice Line and Enquiries) - a confidential helpline for men who experience violence from their partners or ex-partners.
ManKind Initiative - Support for male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence.
Domestic Abuse Website (Scotland).
Welsh Women's Aid.
Foreign and Commonwealth Office Forced Marriage Unit.

Legal Aid:
Community Legal Advice - includes a directory of legal aid providers and a calculator, to see if you are eligible.

Family Mediation Helpline - information on mediation, and find a mediator service.
National Family Mediation - network of local not-for-profit Family Mediation Services.

Counselling Directory - counselling support network.

Other links that may be useful are on the 'Reference' page of this blog.

NOTE: Some of the above links are to pdf files and therefore require Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here.

I shall be updating this list from time to time. If you have any suggestions for inclusion, or find any broken links, please let me know by commenting below.

[Last updated 28th December 2010]


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