Thanks for the meme-ory

Memes. Don't you love 'em? Charon QC has named Family Lore in a meme started by the Editor at Blawg Review, requiring all those who have been tagged to name what they consider to be the ten best blawgs. There is one major problem with this, which has been pointed out by Nick Holmes at Binary Law: either the same blawgs will be mentioned over and over, or we'll rapidly run out of blogs to name.

Still, in the spirit of these things my current ten favourite blawgs are (in no particular order, save alphabetical, and with apologies to the authors of the many other excellent blawgs that I read):


  1. John, thanks for including Nearly Legal and I pleased to be able to say I had returned the compliment before I read this, having just posted my version. I don't think this means either of us have to do it again ;-)

  2. I have taken of the wine and I have smoked.... it is time, now, to retire to my futon and catch some news.

    We are few... but... we have the spirit of two thousand years of history... much of it bizarre.... to see us through the days ahead... to illumination... and, perhaps, enlightenment?

    Perhaps just one final glass of Rioja.... Salute

  3. My thanks for the compliment.

  4. And we won the rugby....and a one day cricket match... and, who knows, tomorrow we may have a World Champion Formula One driver again...

    All is not bad..... there is some light.... and, I am told, there will be no election... Apparently Andrew Marr will tell us this tomorrow morning on TV.

    Well... there we are... it could have been Charon QC, MP.... if I existed and had managed to find a seat to contend.

    Tomorrow.... I will rise before sunrise and think of new things to think about.

  5. I joined the collective sigh of relief earlier when I heard that there would be no election, but Charon QC, MP... the prospect of that would have got me to the polling booth for the first time in many years.

  6. Excellent... one vote... with a bit of spin I could turn that into a victory.... I am off to the Bollo to prepare for government.


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