Something Stinks

Now here's an interesting thing. The picture above is a screenshot (click for a full-sized image) of a blog I found today. Something is familiar about it - the post. Yes, it's exactly the same post I wrote earlier today (see below). But wait - what's this? - it says the post was written by 'TheGirl'. Funny, I don't remember giving my permission for someone to copy my post.

The blog is called 'Love Stinks' ( and seems to comprise solely posts plagiarised verbatim from other blogs. There are a number of my posts, and also posts from DivorceSolicitor, all attributed to 'TheGirl'. Now, it's one thing copying other people's work, but but to copy it and take credit for it is in my view completely unacceptable.

If you're reading this post on 'Love Stinks', then perhaps you could leave a comment requesting the blog 'author' not to post other people's work without permission (save perhaps short extracts, with a suitable acknowledgement and link to the original), and certainly not to take credit for it.

[Edit: Well, the above post seems to have had the desired effect. 'Love Stinks' now appears to consist of posts comprising quotations and poetry. All very strange.]


  1. Hi John,

    Well done!!! - my sister is an editor with Lexis Nexis and she told me the only thing we could do was to get goggle to remove the site - but you have managed to scare them off I think! Perhaps the picture of the Queen did it! Thanks a lot.

  2. Don't forget that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of the splog (spam blog). I keep findomg my content, re-attributed on this kind of site. Either it is ripped off wholly, or partially with a link back to get trackback spam and try to boost their google rankings. They are mostly just after the keyword searches and google ad revenue. They tend to disappear quite quickly once the blog hoster catches on. Annoyingly, they are difficult to stop unless you can identify the automatic content scraping bot and ban it.

  4. Lynne: Not sure my post did it, but I'm glad it's gone anyway. You will no doubt be interested to read NL's comment.

    jailhouselawyer: I don't mind imitation, but this is simple plagiarism, and from what NL says, it doesn't seem that they were too bothered about what I said anyway.

    NL: Interesting. I've not had this pleasure before, but it seems I'm likely to again. I guessed a 'bot' was at work, but have no idea how to identify it, or how to ban it if I did.

  5. Gosh, John - I'm glad you scared them off. Isn't it weird, too, that people feel the need to do this kind of thing? It seems to me someone running a proper relationships blog could well republish posts by family lawyers, with permission and credit (or in accordance with a Creative Commons licence) and everyone would be happy. I wonder why someone doesn't try that.

  6. Hi Carl,

    That would certainly be possible. In this instance, I suspect Nearly Legal is right - this blog is just after adword revenue.


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