A deep and abiding love

Here's a great idea for all those gadget geeks who value their Mp3 player/PDA/[insert gadget here] over and above all else. Up until now these poor souls have had to live a lonely existence, shunning marriage for fear of losing their most precious possessions should the relationship break down. Well, help is at hand. Sellers of all things 'gadgety' PIXmania.com have come up with the 'Gadget Prenuptial Contract', which will ensure that, whatever happens, the 'Gadget Lover' will keep their gadget.

[Geeklawyer: The fact that I was looking at your blog as I wrote this is purely coincidental. Honest.]


  1. Oooh!! you big fibber.

    Anyway, as the sleaziest of lawyers I can tell you I had this sorted *ages* ago: all my gadgets are owned by a Caymen Islands trust with discretionary powers of appointment. Hah!! take that Ruthie.

    (I love the smallprint: "This is for humorous reasons")

  2. Fibber? Moi? Sir, I am a Solicitor of the Supreme Court - I can't lie. [chokes]

    Glad to hear you have your affairs in order - a wise precaution.

    I also loved the footnote!


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