Divorce causes global warming shock

Well, here's a new angle on divorce: it causes global warming. OK, that's not specifically stated in this story today in the Sunday Times, but that's the implication. The story reports the pretty obvious results of research that quantifies the effect on the environment of the extra households caused by couples splitting up.

The story begins by somewhat facetiously suggesting that couples may stay together for the sake of the environment rather than for the sake of the children, but I hope that environmental groups and 'family values' conservatives don't jump on the findings to blame couples for 'not trying hard enough'. There is already a school of thought that couples separate too easily, at the first sign of trouble, but the fact of the matter is that for many today marriage is no longer forever, and any attempt to coerce them to stay together is bound to cause hardship (I can't think that there is any such thing as a 'green divorce').

On the subject of global warming, I have to say that I am something of a sceptic, although perhaps I wouldn't be if politicians hadn't jumped so eagerly on the bandwagon. What irritates me in particular is the nonsense implication in many quarters that climate change is something new. The earth's temperature has always been subject to change, and always will be - we've got to learn to live with it. Having said that, I've no doubt that the human race is damaging the environment, but I'm not sure that it would be appropriate to blame separating couples.


  1. Of course separating couples aren't to blame - it's the lawyers who are responsible.



  2. Thanks for that STH - I think I've just gone off you...

    Seriously, in my experience it is extremely rare for a client to consult a solicitor before the marriage has broken down.


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