Happy Winter Solstice

Happy winter solstice to all readers of Family Lore. I nearly didn't write this post for fear of being considered politically correct. Heaven forbid. Winter solstice was, of course, celebrated in Britain long before it was hijacked by Christianity, and relates to a real phenomenon rather than a myth - that is why I recommend it be celebrated, not so that other religions are not offended. So, light your bonfires, break out the sweet ale and start the feasting! Or, in my case, light a cigarette and open a bottle of lager...


  1. Well said. I am in favour of reclaiming xmas as a pagan festival (tho' not a pagan myself).

    And it shall be a bottle of mead I crack open.

    Happy Winter Solstice to you and yours.

  2. Thanks GL. Enjoy the mead - I must try that myself sometime.

  3. I will be raising a glass. By the way, One of the UK's leading Druids, Arthur Pendragon - drinks regularly at The Bollo.

  4. Cheers Charon! No doubt you will share a toast with Arthur, should he visit today.

  5. Thanks Carl. The birth of one of the world's truly greatest men is a cause to celebrate.


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