I Understand

I understand that disgraced barrister Bruce Hyman was seen attending a party just before Christmas, having been sentenced to 12 months in prison on the 19th September last.

I understand that the Judge indicated he was to serve 6 months before getting parole.

I understand that he has not paid the £3,000 compensation that he was ordered to pay.

I understand that he has friends in high places, including the President of the Family Division, Sir Mark Potter, who gave him a character reference.


  1. Perhaps he was given Xmas leave from prison? Unless he was in an open prison it's hard to see how else could have attended. Though maybe with his Walter Mitty-ish ex-SAS background he escaped and intended to clamber back into prison after the party?

  2. Thanks GL, but I understand he has been released.

  3. I gather that he was invited to a party, but didn't turn up. Perhaps he didn't want it to be too widely known that he had been discreetly released. Do all prisoners get released at Christmas to give their warders a break? Or do they just release barristers so that they can have a laugh?

  4. Tactical early onset Alzheimers? A la Ernest Saunders?

  5. Could be. If so, I wonder whether there'll be a miracle recovery...

  6. That Old Boys Club is at it again!


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