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Web 2.0 guru Nick Holmes of Binary Law has created a useful tool for busy people wanting to check out the latest on the UK family law blog scene. FamilyLawPipe aggregates feeds from all UK family law blogs, and displays summaries of recent posts, with links back to the originals. Very convenient, especially for those who don't want to set up their own feed reader.


  1. Well, blow me, John! I thought I'd give Pipes a whirl for the first time yesterday and knocked that one up in half an hour (including learning time), not expecting anyone to pick up on it till I mentioned it.

    You point to the Pipe view; the RSS feed for it is

    The Pipe just aggregates the RSS feeds of the Family Law blogs, sorts them latest first and outputs the latest 50.

  2. You just can't keep a secret on the internet!


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