Hope and Disappointment

My happiness at seeing that Family Lore has enjoyed a record number of hits this month was somewhat tempered when I realised that a large number of people from all around the world found their way here due to an unhealthy interest in having 'relations' with our canine companions, no doubt due to the title to this post. Similarly, searchers for 'family sex blogs' and 'money sex' were no doubt disappointed.

What other unusual search terms have led visitors here this month? Well, quite a mixed bag. The person who was looking for 'dentists blogs' would have been out of luck, as would the person looking for a '999 transcript' (any transcript in particular?). On the other hand, at least whoever Googled 'in laws causing divorce' would have come to a relevant blog, even if they didn't find exactly what they were seeking, as would the searcher for 'divorced family queries posted 2007', even if I don't know what they were seeking.

Moving on, whilst the interweb may be a wonderful thing, I think sometimes people can be a little optimistic as to its capabilities. Whoever wanted the answer to the question 'how to defend yourself in court against a borderline personality disorder accusing you of domestic violence' was, with respect, asking a little too much of the technology, although I hope they found the answer somewhere, and preferably before the hearing date.

Next, someone who was possibly mixing me up with a certain fellow blogger searched for 'history of johnny charon the lawyer'. Perhaps it was just as well they came here, as I'm not sure the world is yet ready to know the murky history of 'charon the lawyer'.

Then you always get the odd surrealist searcher, looking for something, but I have no idea what. One such this month was 'nice work if you can get it chords' - from an unemployed musician perhaps?

Lastly, we have two related search strings, one of which I trust did find something helpful on Family Lore, the other of which may be beyond all help: the moving 'stories of despair and hope' and the poignant 'its the hope i cant stand'.