Look before you leap

Libby Purves in the Times today has another take on 'D-Day', or 'Manic Monday', as she calls it. She recommends thinking twice before ringing a divorce lawyer, listing the reasons not to do it, or not yet, instead of grabbing the phone. "Don't be conned by lawyers*, or by celebrity mags full of airbrushed tales of how divorce “really made me grow”", she says, think of the downsides, such as the financial upheaval and the effect on any children. Good advice, I say, although my experience is that few clients instruct me to commence divorce proceedings without being absolutely sure that that is what they want. Where they are not sure, I make it clear that it is not of course my position as a lawyer to advise them to divorce (although in certain circumstances there may be legal advantages in doing so) and, if appropriate, I suggest that they consider going to Relate.

[*She specifically denounces the slogan "Winning the life you want" on the Insidedivorce.com website, a point I made in a post about last year's 'Divorce Day'.]