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This could become something of considerable significance to family lawyers. Over the last few days I have been watching with interest as a new family law blog has been built. The Editorial will contain 'Hot Topics in UK Family Law', and specifically has a 'Hot Topics' page which is presently under construction but promises 'a feed of latest posts from around the blawgosphere'.

More importantly, however, the author (who has not, as yet, identified him/herself, save that he/she appears to be a fairly recently qualified solicitor) has a vision for the future of family law whereby family lawyers harness the power of Web 2.0 to share their knowledge. By adopting such a collaborative approach, he/she says, "we can ensure that clients never have to deal with ... badly trained, uninformed divorce lawyers". The author plans to start a website that will form the basis of this project, and the blog will ultimately form an editorial on that site. A fascinating idea, and I wish him/her every success.


  1. Rats. I had thought I might get 5 or 6 posts under my belt before anyone started actually reading them!

    Thanks for the publicity, and for the support. It's much appreciated. They say it's always good to report your diet/exercise plan on a blog because you get the added motivation of knowing you've let your readers down if you give up. Fingers crossed the same thing works here.

  2. You've just learnt Lesson Number 1 in blogging - once you click that publish button, anyone can read it!


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