Nocturnal fix

...and further to this post, I fear that my addiction to blogging may be more than 62%. I started writing the post below at about 3am this morning, after not being able to sleep. Why I should get out of bed in the middle of the night, read the Times law reports and write a blog post is beyond me. Not only that, but when I did return to bed I then thought of something to add to the post, got up again, fired up the laptop again, and amended the post.



  1. If you think you are sad what about me? Since I separated over 8 years ago I sleep with the laptop next to the bed so I don't need to get up!

  2. Anon - same as reading in bed, but it's quicker than waiting for pooper to fire up.

    We must have a Poll as to how many minutes it takes for a pooper to fire up -what with all my anti this and that it takes quite a long time.

    John - done this myself. Are you going through an insomniac phase? It's no joke being awake when your brain is telling you you have to be up for work at 6.30am. It is also the most loneliest time of the night.

  3. Anon - aren't you divorced yet?

  4. Hi Sensemaya,

    Yes, you could say I'm going through an insomniac phase. How did you know I get up at 6.30am? ;-)

  5. Nothing cures insomnia like the realization that it's time to get up, does it?

    Alternatively try the dulcet tones of Radio 4. "Today in Parliament" and the endless repetition of the news on the World Service is enough to bore you to sleep, believe me. The Shipping Forecast does it for me every time. So does doing accounts, and I regularly fall asleep with the laptop actually in the bed when doing mine.

    Sensemaya, - after almost 5 years of purgatory under the Scottish system I'm divorced now.

  6. John - I have to get up at 6.30am, so I was just assuming!

    Anon - I know the feeling. One always wishes to go to sleep once it's time to get up, especially when you are busy watching the clock. Thank goodness for showers!

    Perhaps our body clocks are out of sync? That's my excuse...

    I'm a night person.

  7. Picture the ocean....

    Gentle waves......

    Yourself as a 12 year old lying in white sand with the warm sea carressing your toes....

    When I grow up I want to be...

    Sweet dreams!!!

  8. Thankzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


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