Thankfully, I've not been tagged by the latest blawg meme-virus, unlike both authors at reductio ad absurdum and Nearly Legal. Nevertheless, on this first day of the New Year I would still like to set out some things that I hope will happen in the area of family law:

1. Reform of the divorce law, to bring in a proper no fault divorce system. My thoughts on this were set out in this post.

2. Reform of the system for resolving private law children disputes regarding residence and contact, with a starting-point of equality between the parents. Under such a system there would be a rebuttable presumption that children should share their time equally with both parents.

3. That the child support system will be reformed so that it is fair and it actually works. (I realise that this is pretty unlikely.)

4. That clear statutory guidance is provided to determine financial/property settlements on divorce, possibly including a formula. This would provide far more certainty, and therefore dramatically increase the number of cases that are settled without having to go to court.

5. That the new rules on cohabitee property rights (see this post) are fair, reasonable, clear and workable.

6. (Another forlorn hope.) That the legal aid system will be reformed so that everyone will have equal access to the law, and legal aid lawyers will all earn a decent living.

One can only hope...