Same old, same old

So, under-fire Work and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain has found time between scandals to appoint the first Commissioner of the shiny new Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission, which will replace the failed Child Support Agency. Will it be a new man/woman, with radical new ideas to make the system work? No, it is none other than Stephen Geraghty, who has been the Chief Executive of the Child Support Agency since 2005. Really makes you confident that the new system will be better than the old.


  1. "Really makes you confident that the new system will be better than the old."

    Indeed! And the Chair Designate of C-Mess is Janet Paraskeva. I know you will have definitely heard of her..

    Would like to recommend a book to you. You can check it out on his website or Amazon it.

    "Old Devil Moon" by Christopher Fowler. I have read all this guy's books via the library.

    I really loathe text talk but " unnatural selection" tickled me so much I had to read it 3 times ( last time with the help of a glass of red ). Not my favourite pick of the short story collection by any means, but just really funny.

    I digress...

  2. Thanks. I will check that out.


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