A woman of many talents

I never thought I would include a link to Playboy on this blog, but I guess you never know where serious legal reporting will take you...

Long-time readers of Family Lore may recall the wonderful advert of Chicago firm Fetman, Garland & Associates, with the subtle caption "Life's short. Get a divorce." Well, partner Corri Fetman has now found a new outlet for her (indisputable) talents. She now has a column in Playboy as the 'Lawyer of Love', answering legal questions for readers. Not only that, she has posed for some quite (ahem) interesting photos for the magazine, and she apparently featured as "Boss of the Month" in the February 2008 edition. Further, she has revealed that the shapely figure in the aforementioned advert was hers (the male figure was that of her personal trainer), and she is now appearing as a dominatrix on the firm's new advert, with the slogan: "Take Control. Get a Divorce.":

Who said family law was boring?

[I hasten to add that I do not normally read Playboy. I came across the above via this story, in the Earthtimes. Honest!]


  1. John... i don't read Playboy either... but I am grateful to you for picking this story up.

    I have, I'm afraid, had to report on it... with due accreditation to source... most amusing story. Thought it was a wind up. Apparently not.

    Did a fair bit of further research to trace the source of the story etc etc... and did, I'm afraid, look at the pics... the free ones.

    I don't know... I can't see Commercial lawyers doing this.. But where there is 'Mucca'.. there is obviously brass... in the world of Family Law, at least?

  2. Yes, I looked at the pics too - purely in the cause of investigative journalism, of course.

    I'm just waiting for a UK family lawyer to follow the lead...


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