This Thing Called Delusion

Is there such a thing as 'romantic love', or is it just a delusion, perpetuated by purveyors of red roses and tacky cards? Is it not the case that we are all just selfish creatures, with nothing but self-interest at heart? Yes, we do form relationships, and we do get married, but perhaps that is just because at that moment in two people's lives their self-interest coincides. To then expect that self-interest to remain in unison for the rest of those two lives may be hopelessly unrealistic. This certainly seems to be borne out by the increasing numbers of older couples that get divorced today, and by the recent statistic that 59% of wives would leave their husband if they could afford to do so. So, who does your partner really love - you, or just him/herself?

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Bah humbug! You old cynic... AD :-)

  2. Yes... perhaps I have been doing this work for too long... :-)


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