ASCII Matrimony

Here's a quick counterpoint to the post I did the other day about divorce rings - a computer geek's wedding ring, inscribed with binary. Translated, the inscription reads 'J S', the initials of the groom and bride. Let's hope they never get a 01000100 01001001 01010110 01001111 01010010 01000011 01000101.


  1. GAWD, John, there will be no ROOM in the Ring Coffin!!!!

  2. True, True.

    I suppose the variety of rings on offer,when placed in the Ring Coffin will save much by way of time and money, simply by offering any subsequent putative life partner a wide choice of token by which to tie the knot. I can see the scene...
    * Romntic and Pseudo Expensive Looking Resteraunt; Couple seated at a quiet table for two, imubed with ( average) food and wine, holding hands and gazing lovingly into eachothers eyes. Woman senses that Man is about to Pop the Question.
    Man says " Darling, will you Marry Me?"
    Woman, flushed with happiness says "Of COURSE!!" and holds out hand in expectation of nice little sparkler as Man fumbles about in his pocket.
    Man smiles, finds what he is looking for and...
    Produces Ring Coffin with variety of rings there in and says "Darling, You can have a choice of wedding ring - here's one I got when I was married to a computer nerd, and heres one I got when I divorced her, and heres one I was ALMOST tempted to melt down for a gold tooth but didn't".....*
    No prizes for guessing what happens next....

  3. ...he needs a domestic violence lawyer? :-)


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