Divorced and Loving It

"Harold W. Thompson has been married twice. The first one lasted seven years and the second one lasted ten years. This middle-aged guy knows a little about separation and divorce."

Harold W. Thompson is the President of D Jewelry Co. and designer of 'divorce rings', another idea from America aimed at helping people get over the trauma of separation or divorce. The rings act "as a healing tool for broken hearts", and are full of symbolism, including a break in the ring to represent separation or divorce and three bands to represent "the three most important events in a failed relationship": meeting, marriage and separation. Apparently, some owners also have them engraved with the date of the divorce, although their purpose is not only to mark the point of separation or divorce, but "also to symbolize a new beginning and positive outlook on the future".

And if a ring alone is not enough, D Jewelry Co. can also offer other merchandise, such as a T-shirt with a picture of the ring and the caption: "Divorced and Loving It!"


  1. ... In the event that Mr Harold W Thompson remarries, will he be entitled to place his " Divorced and Loving it" Ring into the Ring Coffin recently highlighted in one of your recent posts?!

  2. :-) ...or maybe he could solder the ends together and use it as his new wedding ring!

  3. oooh that's a cheap one !! ( but then, does the poor man actually have any money left??!)


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