Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hard knock life

The New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) charity has published a report today on violence against women, entitled Hard knock life. The report covers not just domestic violence but also rape and sexual assault, violence against black and minority ethnic women, violence against women in prostitution and trafficked women. NPC states that "almost one in every two women in the UK has been forced to endure abuse ranging from verbal threats to physical assault, rape, genital mutilation and forced marriage", and has calculated that violence against women costs society £40bn a year, more than the Government’s defence budget. They say that despite significant government progress over the last thirty years, "little is being done to prevent violence against women and not enough is being done to help the victims; there are massive gaps in services, and too many perpetrators escape justice". The report goes on to make recommendations to address the issues, including nine charities for donors to support. The report can be downloaded here.

I know that there are some who may ask the question: Aren’t men victims of violence too? NPC's answer to this is:
Yes, they are more likely to be victims of certain types of violence, such as muggings, but this wasn’t the scope of our report. The violence we focus on in the report is more commonly experienced by women. And women are more likely to be victims of repeated violence, as it is often carried out by someone they know.
I'm not sure that that will satisfy certain readers of Family Lore.

[Thanks to Current Awareness for the original link to this story.]


  1. See, This is why I dont think I could EVER cope with a family law practice - the temptation to moonlight as a professional hitlady on all the men perpetrating such heinous cruelty would be more than I could bear......

  2. Ah, one must remain detached...

  3. Which is why I couldn't be a family lawyer; the temptation to go out and lamp the sadistic and the cruel who perpetuate such treatment would be far too much!
    (I think i will just have to have a practice wih lots of paperwork, instead)


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