Her Ladyship won't be amused...

As a matter of principle (see below), I'll not be going out and buying the Sunday Times today so that I can see the full list of the 1000 richest Britons (it will not be published online until Tuesday), but I have it on good authority that Sir Paul McCartney's fortune is estimated by the paper at £500 million, £100 million more than Mr Justice Bennett's valuation of £400 million. Does this raise the awful prospect of Heather Mills reopening the case? I think not. Firstly, it will of course take a lot more than a newspaper estimate to persuade a court that the figure was wrong. Secondly, the award was clearly based upon her needs, rather than a percentage of the matrimonial assets - she would therefore also have to show either that Mr Justice Bennett was wrong in this, or that he grossly underestimated her needs.

Personally, I find all this fascination with money and wealth to be somewhat distasteful, and I therefore recommend the Independent on Sunday's antidote - the 'Happy List', which profiles "100 people who make Britain a better and a happier place to live".


  1. I sincerely hope that the Indy's "Happy List " contains neither Anne Robinson nor Alistair Darling..... ( the latter possibly present soley because of his surname.....)

  2. I'm glad to report that neither of them made the list...


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