How To Sow Marigolds

In an exciting new departure, Family Lore is joining up with Practical Gardening Weekly, and will now include weekly posts giving handy tips to improve your gardening prowess. To kick off, today we'll explain how to sow your marigold seeds.

First, go down to B & Q and buy your seeds. Then get a box and fill it with dirt. Scrape a few lines in the dirt with your finger (in the trade we call these lines 'drills'). Sprinkle the seeds in the drills and cover them up with the dirt. Pour a load of water on the top, and you're done. Sit back and have a sandwich (remember to wash your hands first).

Next week: How to trim your hedge so that criminals can't hide behind it.


  1. Is there any deeper link between the subject of this post and its date?
    If so, I won't bother washing my hands before I have the sandwich.

  2. I would always recommend washing your hands before eating.

  3. Typical arse-covering advice from a solicitor. Actually I think a practical gardening blog would probably be very popular!

  4. We always have to cover our backs! Yes, I am hoping this will be popular.

  5. I usually take Counsel's advice on this sort of thisng - I could recommend someone from One Garden Court.

    Sorry - best I could do.

  6. ... is there a garden outside Garden Court?!

  7. Well, if there is, this is the place they should come to for advice!

  8. ... do you think they would like to grow marigolds or do you think they would prefer carniverous plants?!?!


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