How to trim your hedge

Last week I promised to explain how to trim your hedge so that criminals can't hide behind it. Unfortunately, my link up with Practical Gardening Weekly didn't work out, but so as not to disappoint, here goes.

What you have to do depends upon where you stand in the legal pecking order:
  • Legal Aid lawyers: use a pair of shears.
  • Private client lawyers: use electric hedge trimmers.
  • Paul McCartney's lawyers: get your gardener to do it.


  1. I'd really HATE to think about what LPC/BVC students would have to do to keep their hedges in such a state - assuming we all HAVE hedges of course ... ( most of us live in a dark hole in the ground.....)

  2. In the unlikely event that they should possess a hedge, they are to trim it with their teeth.

  3. ... TEETH?? What Teeth?! We legal aspirants have spent so much time cutting them on the BVC/LPC that we have no teeth left, except stumps!

  4. OK, if you have no teeth left, I'll let you use scissors, provided you don't also use them to slash your wrists.

  5. I was hoping to hear about some (ahem)"cutting hedge" technology.

    [You don't appreciate the effort that went into that]

  6. ....I suppose I will have to pay you for the scissors.... * sigh*.....( I hope said scissors aren't of the nail variety, otherwise I shall be trimming the hedge all summmer....)

  7. paul5909: You're right - I don't. ;-)

    law minx: Nail scissors - good idea. Whoever said legal training should be easy?

  8. You need to set up a hedge fund, mate


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