Wednesday, April 09, 2008


A while back I did a post about wedding ring coffins, for you to put your wedding ring in after divorce. Now I see that a divorce attorney in Atlanta is giving them to some of her clients. When she heard about them Melody Z Richardson thought they were hysterical and purchased two, one of which went to a male client "who has everything", and the other of which will go to a divorcing woman who "has a fabulous sense of humor but is still grieving". She now plans to stockpile them at her office. I hate to disappoint my clients, but somehow I don't think I will be following suit...


  1. A coffin for your wedding ring? Why not just melt it down and turn it into a gold tooth?
    This would have a number of advantages:
    1: it would be possible to tell if the odious opposing party had stiffed you out of a genuinely gold ring, substituting a cheap and nasty affair purchased at the local equivalent of Ratners.
    2: It would, through mutiple marriage, be possible to acquire a full set of expensive gnashers with out having to resort to NHS falsies......

  2. Genius! I shall suggest it to all my clients.


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