Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Dirty Linen

Well, she's done it again. The self-styled 'YouTube Superstar' Tricia Walsh-Smith has published a second video on YouTube regarding her divorce. Now, I'm not particularly bothered about her and what she has to say, but I am interested in the effect, if any, of these videos upon the court proceedings, with the first hearing apparently due next Monday. Will the videos have any bearing, will they assist her case, or will they, as seems more likely, only make things worse for her? We shall see.

Meanwhile, here's the second video. Not so revealing or sensational as the first (if anything, rather rambling), but finishing with a question and the threat of more to come: "Will Tricia end up in a tent? Stay Tuned!"


  1. O Dear.Is this what divorce does to people?! I do take my hat off to you family lawyers - I dont think I could cope with this woman with any degree of tact, patience or sympathy; she really has lost the plot!!!

  2. Yes, she's either extremely clever, or she's lost the plot. I favour the latter.


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