Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Whose divorce is it after all?

Sometimes a comment is so good that it deserves a post all of its own. Today I received the following comment from Vail, on my post about courts rejecting agreed consent orders:

"As an applicant for divorce I would welcome a judge's consideration of what is fair and reasonable, as I would also welcome the opinion of a solicitor and counsel.

Where a draft consent order has been painfully thrashed out and drawn screaming and bleeding into the world within the context of an acrimonious divorce with agreed child contact hanging in the balance, I would expect the judge to respect the decision of the parties subsequent to them hearing his opinion and let them drag their mutilated emotions and stress-wracked bodies off into their respective sunsets to make the most of what is left of their miserable lives in quiet despair -without harbouring thoughts of malice, spite and revenge against the world in general and specifically the said judge.

Whose divorce is it after all?

I really don't think I can add to that.

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  1. Blimey vail, I thought there was no public gallery when me and my ex did all that.

    You seem to be refering to how mine went.

    Except that, as I had ran out of money by then I had no idea what was going on and would have appreciated the Judge amending it. It would have saved going back 10 times afterwards for ambiguities and issues (reviews concerning overninght staying contact reviewing child maintenance, ouch). Very painful whichever way I think, but the sentiment and the practice was what happened to me just like that.

    I also think you should try your hand at writing for a living with a post like that, was wonderful.


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