Many thanks to Nick Holmes of Binary Law for his kind and flattering mention of Family Lore in the article he wrote for the April issue of the Legal Executive Journal.

The article included a couple of sample posts by myself and Nearly Legal. The Editor chose this post from Family Lore (and an extract from this excellent post by Nearly Legal), but amusingly he changed 'Muhammed' to 'M'. Chicken.


  1. Nick Holmes is a very nice man. I'm flattered to be in there with yourself, Charon and Impact.

  2. He certainly is. We bloggers in particular have a lot to thank him for.

  3. A -HAH!Is it now th case that the rest of the Blogging Community now know you as 'The Three Wise Men', or 'The Tsars of Blogging' or simply and (perhaps in a more sinister fashion) as "The Triumverate"???

  4. (I've missed out Impact, I'm afraid, because I don't know him!)

  5. Hmm... I don't know about 'wise'...

  6. I rather like the Triumverate, but I've never been very good at sinister. Somehow, it is not a word that has ever sprung to mind for John or Charon either, but perhaps that is just our facade...

  7. OK, the Triumvirate it is. I'm sure I can manage sinister...

  8. I can do sinister.... You should see me when I get up in the morning... that is sinister....

    For me... its Friday 13th every morning.

  9. I rather like the "Tsars of Blogging,actually - makes you all sound like the "Sultans of Swing"!!!

  10. Alright, but I'll warn you that my air guitar is dire...


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